1 FAE CORE COMPREHENSIVE TUESDAY     22  Aug.   10am - 2.30pm
2 FAE CORE SIMULATIONS WEDNESDAY 23  Aug.   10am - 2.30pm
3 AUDITING & ASSURANCE FRIDAY 25  Aug.   10am - 2.30pm
  ADVANCED PERFORMANCE MGT.       10am - 2.30pm
  TAXATION (ROI) & (NI)         10am - 2.30pm

Exam Publication date:  27 October 2017.


(1) Candidates are required to choose one of three Elective papers on offer.

(2) In the Elective paper, Taxation, candidates may choose to sit either the NI or the ROI version of the paper.


Education Leave

The Institute recommends that training firms provide time off to their students to present for examination. The recommended education leave is intended to accommodate attendance on education courses, eg. block release, and also private study.

The following recommendations are made in relation to education leave for those preparing as first attempt candidates for the following examination:

Final Admitting Examination - 7 weeks *

* Recommended education leave is exclusive of time required to sit the examinations. Additional time off for sitting examinations is also recommended.


Extenuating or medical circumstances 

 If there are medical or other extenuating circumstances which you wish to have considered by the FAE Board at adjudication please complete and return this form together with original supporting evidence.


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