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CA Diary Online Classroom

CA Diary Online Classroom is a web based chat for registered students, both contract and Flexible/ EP to ask any general questions on the work experience element of the qualification.  On the day of a scheduled classroom a live link will be next to the date.  Students should click on the link to access Neat Chat. The Training Support Unit will respond to the questions posted.


All questions are welcome.  In some cases for specific students a follow- up email maybe needed if the query is in relationship to the admin side e.g. contract dates change and so on.

The session will be an hour long and users are welcome to dip in and out as required.

Dates for the online sessions are as following.  On the day a live link to the webpage will be on screen for the users to join.  


General Principles 
Remember Locard Principle- every contact leaves a trace and it is a public forum. As you will be talking about your work experience always be aware of the need for confidentiality and do not provide any sensitive information or client information/ names.


Further information
Any queries can be directed to the Training Support Unit at 01 637 7325 or