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Admissions Unit

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Professional Course Programmes

All queries in relation to Belfast courses


Laura Gore

(028) 90 435840

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CAP1 Co-ordinator


CAP1 Programme Leader


Jane Igoe


Ian Roe


01 6377327


01 6377210


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CAP2 Co-ordinators



CAP2 Programme Leader



Shane Burke
Aileen Finn


Terri Gray


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FAE Co-ordinators





FAE Programme Leader


Andrew Doran Sherlock


Patricia Kinsella

Emma Corrigan 


Louise Maguire


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01 5233941

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Student Textbooks


Ian Roe

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CAP1 (Examination, Interim Assessment and Appeals)

Laura Condron

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CAP2 (Examination, Interim Assessment and Appeals)

Aisling Kellegher

01 6377220

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FAE (Examination, Interim Assessments  and Appeals).

ICAEW JIEB Examinations.

Audrey Carter

Audrey Carter

01 6377301

01 6377301

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Team Leader - Examination Operations

Sonya O'Reilly 

01 6377221

Disability Officer & Finance Executive

Sharon Elksnis

01 6377303

Certified Statement of Results

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Training Support, Authorisation of Training firms, Flexible Option Mentor approval

Hugh Carroll

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Formal Complaints and Feedback

 Kelda Lewis

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