In 2016/2017, the Student Services Department is running CA Proficiency 1, CA Proficiency 2 and FAE in the following locations :

- CAP 1: Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Distance Programme.

- CAP 2: Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford/Kilkenny and Distance Programme.

- FAE: Belfast, Belfast Distance, Cork, Dublin, Galway Limerick and Waterford/Kilkenny.

Course centres are subject to demand. Further details about course locations are included in the relevant enrolment forms. Lecture notes and timetables are restricted to students enrolled on courses. 

Student Benefits   

There are a number of resources for students including :

-Customised Website Access 
-Student Societies 
-Training Programmes 
-Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses 
-Accountancy Ireland 
-Advice from the Institute 
-Student Newsletter
-Student Social Media Pages  

Please click here for a full list of student benefits.

Important Student Information

The Institute has published a series of FAQs to address common queries including:

- Exemptions
- Course Enrolments
- Examinations
- Student Textbooks
- Recommended Study Leave
- Terminate/Transfer of the Training Contract
- Key Dates
- Contact Details

The FAQs can be accessed from the link below:

Important Student Information 


Student Newsletter - Archive  

The Student Newsletter provides Chartered Accountants students with updates and resources for every stage of the qualification. 


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